NHS waiting times at new low

The performance of Scotland’s A&E units in the first week of 2018 decreased, even though there was a record low waiting time at the end of 2017.

Fewer than 80% of patients were dealt with in a four-hour target according to the latest weekly figures. That figure is worse than the one in the previous week which was the worst since the weekly recording began three years ago.

According to the Scottish Government, the flu rate had doubled since the start of the years, putting pressure on A&E units.

The health secretary, Shona Robison said: “Despite the flu rate doubling in a week, A&E performance remained broadly the same, with nearly four out of five people attending A&E admitted, discharged or transferred within four hours.”

For the first week of the year (which included two bank holidays), the stats were slightly down on the 78% for the final week of 2017.

The target for the Scottish Government was around 95% which makes their result well below the expectations and, as aforementioned, this is the lowest since the weekly figures began around three years ago.

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